This may be a slow growing site, so be patient. This site is an index to marriage licenses at the W. Dale Clark library on microfilm for Sarpy co, NE.

Please be as specific as possible as to which marriage you want, as there is frequently more than one person with the same or similar name, especially as the site grows, it is likely to increase.  The early years do not include a certificate number, although more recent ones do.   If you can’t find your person, be sure to check for nickname forms of the name as well, if you believe someone you’re looking for was married in our area, but not appearing in the index.

We have access to many marriage licenses not yet in our index.  We have marriage films up through about 1937 for Sarpy co., so this list will grow. If you need a copy, either join us at the W. Dale Clark Library (OPL) 3rd floor microfilm room, or

1. You can contact the Greater Omaha Genealogy Society, PO Box 4011, Omaha, NE 68104 for a copy ($5 per certificate postage paid)

2. TheGenLady@gmail.com ($5/copy or 6/$25 in any combination of obits/marriages) 

3. The W. Dale Clark Library. (The library only has limited staff so can only do 3 copies a week for any individual whether it’s obits, or marriages for $20 for maximum of three items/week.) 

No limits for of the amount you request from #1 or 2. All requests are filled in the order they come in, so please be patient, as sometimes things get very busy.

I’ve been totally amazed at the number of people marrying in Sarpy county that are from other parts of the area, and even elsewhere in the country.   If you can’t find people you’re looking for in the county you expect, check back, or check other counties that we have indexed.  It’s interesting how many traveled to marry, for whatever reason.

Happy hunting.


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